Wind Turbines In Town?

The Question:

I am frequently asked, “That’s fine about solar, but can I do anything with wind?” If it turns out that they live in town, I have to say “no.” Yes, getting a permit for a wind turbine on a city lot would be challenging, but there’s an overriding consideration.

The Real Answer:

Consider that in a wind turbine installation, you have a rotating piece of machinery at the top of a tall tower. That machine needs to be serviced every so often – greased, inspected, etc. How do you service something that’s stuck on the top of a tall pole? Most commonly, you tilt the pole down to the ground so you can conveniently service the turbine. If you have an 80′ pole, you need about 100′ of clear space to bring the pole down and have room enough for the blades. This also means that you need enough land and access behind the tower to be able to winch it down.

It’s tough to find that much space in the city.

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