Vehicle-to-Grid? Are you kidding me?

OK, i have to rant! This has been the talk for awhile, kinda buzzing in the background. Can we finally expose this topic as the pure idiocy that it is?

If you don’t know, vehicle-to-grid means that when you park your electric car at home or plug it in somewhere else, you could be charging it or the grid could be using it to help levelize grid loading and supply the power grid using some of the power stored in the car. Power flow can be bidirectional. Yes, this is a real topic. Honest. When you get to the details and ramifications, it sounds just as stupid as it does at first glance. But … nobody’s come out to squash this crazy idea.

So, if you know about it and support this idea, let me ask you this. Suppose you walk into your garage in the morning & you have to go across town and be back by 10:00. You jump in your Nissan Leaf & start out. You look down to see that you are at 75% charge – it turns out that your car was feeding the grid for the past couple of hours. You realize you might not get there and back without running out of battery, so you cancel your trip.

Sound like a great idea now?

But there’s more. The utility charges you 12 cents per kWh plus delivery fees to charge your Leaf. They’ll credit you 12 cents per kWh to siphon power from your Leaf. Notice something? Yep, they pocket the fees. So the utility gets access to load-leveling equipment, which is a good thing, right? And how much did they have to invest to perform this load-leveling function? Not a cent. That’s what you just provided to them, gratis. So you buy the car (& pay the financing), you pay the electricity delivery fees, and pay to maintain the car. The utility company benefits by getting load-leveling equipment and they have paid … um, yup … nothing. They *get* paid. Of course they’d like it!

So can we debunk this thing already?

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