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Solar In Your Community

Mike Nemeth, President of Nemeth Energy Solutions, Inc. has been accepted as a Consultant in the nationwide Department of Energy-sponsored Solar In Your Community Challenge. A goal of this Challenge is to bring solar energy to low- and moderate-income ("LMI") households. Research has shown that LMI households cannot typically afford a solar energy system, but these same households would benefit greatly from it.

Mr. Nemeth is happy to offer his skills to Solar In Your Community Challenge teams in his role as Consultant on this exciting Challenge.

Condominium Living

OK, so you like the idea of solar energy.

You like the idea of the money you could be saving. You like the idea of generating your own power from the sun. You like the idea of being green and doing things that are good for the environment. You are energy-conscious now but wonder what more you could be doing. You like the idea of making an investment that pays you and, at the same time, one that benefits the world that our children will inherit.

“Yes, But … I Live in a Condo.”

I’m here to tell you that all is not lost. I’m here to tell you that you are not stuck. I’m here to tell you that you have a way to get what you like. I’m here to tell you that Nemeth Energy Solutions has the unique way out of your dilemma.

“But I Can’t Put Things Outside, Right?”

Many condominium covenants allow owners to install items outside. Your homeowners association (sometimes referred to as an HOA) may allow you to install gas grills, pole lights, barbeque pits, hot tubs, gardens, and other items. Solar energy can be one of those items.

“Oh, My Homeowners Association Will Never Go For That!”

Not everyone can install solar energy on a condominium. I’m here to tell you that we can do the work where others cannot. Homeowners associations are responsible for taking care of the buildings in the complex. Most will be highly skeptical of anyone who wants to make changes to one of them or to the property around one. This skeptical attitude will lead the homeowners association to reject most proposals – and you may have experienced this yourself, or know of your neighbors who have. Most solar energy installers do not have the credentials to do this work, and because of this they (and you) would face that same skepticism and rejection. Mike Nemeth, president of Nemeth Energy Solutions, has the professional credentials that can convince wary homeowners associations that the work will be done well, done right, done in an attractive manner that’s easy to maintain, and done so that your building is protected.

“Do I Have Choices?”

This can apply whether you live in a townhouse or townhome, a duplex, a triplex, a four-plex, a multi-plex, a detached condominium, or in some cases even a multi-floor condominium. If your homeowners covenants and your situation will allow it, then you can choose from some options! We can install solar on your roof, or you can opt for a solar awning, a solar shed, a solar carport, a solar pergola, or something completely unique. Any of these can be hooked into your electric service and allow you to start saving money and helping our environment – work-free and tax-free.

“OK, So Now What Should I Do?”

There are plenty of possibilities; all that’s left for you to do is call us or contact us here, and get started. Nemeth Energy Solutions will work with you to design a solar energy solution that meets your needs, is attractive, and will give you many years of money savings!

“Has Anybody Tried This Before?”

If you would like to research what has happened across the country with condo owners and solar energy, we invite you to check out the following links. Know that some of these articles describe conditions in states other than Iowa, so if you have questions about how this information applies here, please call us or contact us here and we can help.

Our Invitation

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you take charge of your electric bills and get for yourself an environmentally responsible and financially profitable solution. Just call us or contact us here and we’ll get started!

What About New Super-Efficient Solar Cells?

solar energy, residential solar energy, commercial solar energyEvery so often, we hear about advances in solar cell efficiency that get people talking. There are advances in silicon, organic materials, perovskites, various exotic chemistries, and even quantum physics. These offer some exciting possibilities for the future, and some of these may end up allowing us to harvest more power from the sun in a smaller area. Smaller solar cells that produce more power means that solar can be helpful in more places.


Smaller and cheaper solar arrays are just more attractive. Right now, the cost of solar is rivaling that of conventional sources. No new coal plants are being built in the US, despite growing demand for electricity. Utilities are adding megawatts of solar energy every year. There are more workers in the solar energy industry in the US than there are people working in oil and gas extraction.

Like any industry, this can only be helped by less expensive equipment.

More efficient solar energy equipment means that more of a building’s electricity use can be covered by solar. Smaller arrays producing more power mean that smaller homes & buildings can benefit. There can be other uses like camping, remote living, transportation, and road signs, among many others.

For some interesting reading:

How Soon?

All of these advances that we hear about are all done in a lab somewhere, often in a university setting. Universities are noteworthy for overlooking the practical considerations of the science that they’re doing — and that’s OK for research and learning. But there’s a giant step between research and a practical product. It often involves many years of testing and trials and failures and successes. The product that is produced using the university science has to comply with thousands of regulations on its way from raw materials to finished product, and may look little like the original research.

Historically, things take many years to go from lab to product, and most don’t make it at all. The reasons that many solar advancements don’t make it into a product can be:

  • It doesn’t work in the hot and cold temperatures that it would be exposed to outside, from Alaskan winters (yes, there IS solar in Alaska) to Arizona deserts.
  • It degrades or goes bad after just a few years, just by itself.
  • It degrades or goes bad after just a few years of exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.
  • They are difficult (read: expensive) to incorporate into easy-to-use modules.
  • They are built from expensive, hard-to-get, or hard-to-find materials.
  • The product requires hazardous or toxic materials that add to manufacturing costs.
  • The hazardous materials add cost to salvage or recycling, which must be figured in from the start.

What We Have Today

Today’s solar modules are made from silicon, which is one of the most abundant, cheap, and safe materials known to man. If you didn’t know, it comes from sand. Common, everyday sand; highly processed, yes, but easy to find and easy to use.

The silicon cells are processed using various toxic gases, yes, but the handling of these materials is well-known and well-controlled, and the finished product is not toxic.

Every year, silicon cells get more efficient. Year-by-year, the technology that we have today gets better. Often, by the time a technology advance gets out of the lab and into a product, this steady advance of current technology ends up better than the lab technology.

Why Wait for The Lab?

Most of the advances currently in the lab will never show up. Some will, and those will be great! But all those years of waiting for the next big thing means that you will have missed out on years of benefit that you could have had. Think of the years that you may have already missed out on saving money. You don’t have to miss out any more – so take charge of your future – just contact us here and Nemeth Energy Solutions can help you start saving today.

What does Nemeth Energy Solutions do?

solar energy, nemeth solar energy

Who are we? 

We are a one-stop-shop for your solar energy needs.




We handle ALL of this for you.  Not only that, our president, Mike Nemeth,is a Licensed Professional Engineer, so we have our own on-site engineering that’s knowledgeable and involved with projects. Often, you will see companies outsource work to licensed engineers as it is necessary, but with us, we handle all details in house.

What do we do?

We’re changing the landscape of how we use energy, one building at a time.  We believe we all have a social responsibility to make use of greener technologies as they come available. Solar energy is just that.  When you utilize solar energy, not only are you maintaining that social responsibility, but you are also massively decreasing your utility bills. Not only that, but the federal government and the State of Iowa may allow you to deduct 30%-45% of the cost of your new system from your corporate income taxes!  Did you know that? 30%-45%!

We hate to keep going on and on about the same subject, but when that subject is saving money…we’re going to do it anyway.  So, now we know that you can deduct the renewable energy system on your taxes.  Let’s talk about where else you will be saving money.  Your investment grows every year, obviously because energy prices are not going down and are always increasing, and how about this?  Because solar energy takes the place of electricity you would otherwise be using, that money you are being essentially paid back is tax free!

There is just no way around knowing that solar energy is the way to go for homes and businesses, both.


Where do you get more information?

We are available to talk with you about whatever your questions may be. Our president is passionate and excited about the future of renewable energy and would probably be the best person to talk to in the area.

Now, if you prefer to research online first, here are some suggested readings:

How the Solar Industry Delivered a Pivotal Policy

How Businesses Can Play a Role in the Energy Revolution

US Solar Industry Provides More Jobs than Oil and Gas Extraction

We would also suggest reaching out to current solar energy users if you would like more information beyond this.

When you’re ready to take charge, start saving some money, and take on that social responsibility, just fill out and submit the form found here. We’ll start with a survey of your property and energy needs, and work with you from there to determine the best system to fit your unique situation.

If you’re not ready to begin just yet, but can think of someone that is, we actually have something for you.  We have a gratitude program. When you refer someone or a company to Nemeth Energy Solutions and that referral results in a business deal, we’ll send you a cash reward!  This isn’t chump change either, this is good stuff.  Check it out at

We look forward to hearing from you!