Solar Energy Pays You

Would you ask what the "payback" is if you wanted to install central air conditioning in your home?

Putting solar energy on your house is kind of like adding central air; it adds to the value of your house. And, (unlike air conditioning) it pays you money - every single month. Because solar energy just takes the place of electricity you would otherwise be using, that money that it pays you is tax free. Your investment grows every year because, as we all know, electricity rates are always increasing. Your investment could pay you back at a 6% annual rate - at a low risk and with low maintenance and no taxes. How does that stack up against other investments?

And, if that wasn't good enough, solar can reduce your income taxes. The federal government plus the state of Iowa may allow you to get an income tax credit for nearly half of the cost of your new system from your income taxes. And, should you choose to finance your new system, we can work with our financial partners to bring you favorable rates.

Now, everybody and his brother seems to have a great way to capture energy from the sun or the wind. Many of those claim to be "innovative," "breakthrough," or just plain "easy for anybody to install."

Many of them are a waste of time and money.

And there's no guarantee that those great new ideas will last for the long term. NES only works with efficient, effective solar energy systems that are designed to last you at least 25 years - and some of the components have 25-year warrantees. Find THAT in anything else you can buy!

Consider having a solar energy system installed at your home. Learn more here.

Consider having your system not just installed, but engineered. Engineered to work right. Engineered to be affordable. Engineered to return you the most money for your investment, year after year. Engineering that you will be pleased with.

An investment engineered for you.