About Us

Nemeth Energy Solutions, Inc. is a complete solar energy solution company, offering complete, professional, and responsive service, and we are a team-oriented company who is focused on your long-term success.

While most engineering firms choose to concentrate on constructing buildings or public works projects, NES focuses on helping people gather their own energy from the sun. We do not have specific products we “push;” rather choosing instead to use any resources available to concentrate on your unique needs and craft the right solution for you. We are built to give you turnkey service

  • with the electric utility,
  • with parts suppliers,
  • with labor,
  • with finances,
  • with education,
  • and with permits and paperwork.

NES is built around teams and partnering. We treat our team members as partners and not as subcontractors, because we all work together to benefit you. We keep a Preferred Partner List of those companies that we work with most closely and we constantly keep it current with vetted, trusted companies and team members. Because we are built around partnering, we can just as easily work with your preferred vendors as we can our own, in any capacity.

Why should we focus on your long-term success instead of simply getting a job done? It’s only because we seek to match your expectations. If the equipment that we recommend and install is designed to last 10 years, or 15 years, or 25 years or more, then you have every right to expect that the decisions that we make on your building will match that longevity. We think you’ll find that this focus is unique among our competitors, and it’s what drives our every decision. It is only this way that we can work to maximize the lasting return that you can get on your investment.

Mike started this company in 2009 to bring his blend of engineering insight, common sense, and customer focus into the field of renewable energy.

He has almost 30 years of engineering experience in a number of different roles and at many different companies, from designing computer hardware to software to leading development projects worth nearly $1M. He holds a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and is a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of Iowa.

He has observed this industry for 30 years, and renewable energy technology has come a long way in just the past few years – what did not make financial sense a few short years ago is now a good investment. As energy prices rise, as they always do, this technology becomes even more attractive.