Solar energy benefits you TODAY and TOMORROW

Have you ever thought of your roof or your undeveloped land as a way to save on expenses?

If you're like most, your roof or your reserve land is an expense. It's a big blank space that doesn't do much. What if you could turn that space into a source of income? What if the space that you're currently wasting could help you with your operational expenses - reducing your overhead - TODAY?

You may be able to have a solar energy system installed with no money out of your pocket. NES has relationships with financial companies that can pay 100% of the cost of installation, and will then charge you for the energy that you generate – often at prices that are LESS than what you’re paying now for your electricity! You could be saving over $1,000 each year on your electricity - without spending a dime - just for putting a solar array on your roof or on your reserve land that somebody else maintains. It's tough to find a downside to that kind of arrangement.

Consider having a solar energy system installed in that barren space. Learn more here.

A solar energy system pays you money - every month.

You get noticed. You get positive press and make a unique statement to donors and clients.

  • Solar energy takes the place of electricity you would otherwise be using.
  • Your investment grows every year - because electricity rates are always increasing.
  • Your investment could pay you back at a 6% annual rate.
  • We can introduce you to interesting and innovative financial choices to help you invest.

NOW is the time. Consider having a solar energy system engineered for you.