Solar energy benefits you TODAY and TOMORROW

Have you ever thought of your roof as a profit center?

If you're like most, your roof is an expense. It's a big blank space that doesn't do much. What if you could turn that roof into a source of income? What if the roof space that you're currently wasting could help you with your operational expenses - reducing your overhead and adding to your bottom line - TODAY?

Consider having a solar energy system installed on that big, barren roof. Learn more here.

A solar energy system pays you money - every month.

You get positive press and unique visibility in the market. People see your system and they talk about it – AND YOU - to their friends!

  • Because solar energy takes the place of electricity you would otherwise be using, the money that it pays you is tax free.
  • As electricity rates increase, your system increases in value.
  • Your investment likely will have a positive Net Present Value and could pay you back at a 6% annual rate.
  • The federal government plus the state of Iowa may allow you to claim a tax credit of 30-45% of the cost of your new system on your corporate income taxes – all in the first year. That's bottom-line money.
  • We can introduce you to interesting and innovative financial ways to structure your investment.
  • Your system can be fully depreciated in 5 years.

NOW is the time. Consider having a solar energy system engineered for you.