Solar energy can give you word-of-mouth advertising that pays you. Plus, it allows you to control some of your overhead expenses and can give you a big tax writeoff.

Not For Profit

Solar energy can give you a unique statement to donors and clients, and can generate some free positive press for you. Plus, it allows you to keep some of your overhead expenses in line. Plus, we can usually install for you with no upfront costs to you!


OK, so you’ve done a bunch of energy conservation measures; great … Now What? Solar energy is the logical next step to saving money on your electric bill. Plus, it gives you a way to reduce your federal and state income taxes.

Solar Freedom

While most solar installations do not use batteries, there are a growing number of situations where Solar Freedom makes more sense than hooking up to a utility. Modern systems can supply you with 120 VAC, 240 VAC, or even 3-Phase power, all without paying any electric bills or fees. Ever.

Personal Service

From your first call or email through a finished system, you will know a single contact at NES who is authorized and skilled at managing all the aspects of the installation of your new solar energy system. No faceless call center. No list of people to call. No runaround. Just one local person who is knowledgeable and can answer your questions and work with your concerns.


There is not just one way to invest in your own solar energy system. NES has relationships with lenders, the State of Iowa, and investors who can offer you money-saving options you may have never thought possible!



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